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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 19, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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spotty showers remaybing at this hour. mainly dry on saturday. a chance in the north bay. after that dry for christmas week. the full forecast coming up. the storm level behind damage for the bay area to clean up. the rain was too much for some of the trees around the bay area. this one in san francisco came crashing down near the intersections of buchanan and lumbar street.
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it hit as children were leaving school for holiday vacation. the friday before december break is usually the time when teachers though holiday parties. parents and teachers ran to their cars clutching their parents. the water was not being absorbed, instead running into the streets. one driver had to be registration cued from his car with the crew in a jet ski on valley ford. the standing water was 3 çfeet deep, too deep for the rescue vehicle, and they had to call in the coast guard. the driver said he was just trying to get to work. despite the rain we have had
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california still needs a lot more to battle the drought. >> a new batch of rain for the next couple of days is just what we need. here's the proof. this is the u.s. reservoir near gilroy when it was all but dry. this is right now just at 25 percent full. that's just what water managers were hoping for. >> to go from almost earn empty to 10 percent, 15% or 20% in a few days, that's encouraging. >> reporter: it's like money in the bank for later withdraw. the yhesbor reservoir after it, too was virtually empty a month ago.
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it's now just over 15 fuel. and water in the south bay ten reservoir system increased by 10 percent. managers are quick to point out there's a still a ways to go. >> we are definitely still in a drought. we have not own the recovery of the imported supplies and water in the county is still very low. we need to conserve. >> reporter: the drought is far from over, çbut as the weather december in more than 100 years here draws to a close. water managers are hoping for more of the same. kron 4 news. >> most of the bay area airports dodged the bad weather but the multihour delays have been keeping travelers on the ground. 91 flights had to be canceled
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today up to 3 hours. the average delay time right no i, between 1-2 hours. different story in oakland. is the san jose airport has no delays due to our weather. coming up tonight, an update on drought conditions in 9 north gay following a series of bay area storms and a stern warning from the u.s. officials tonight. they say you ever you should avoid package caramel apples. a dramatic rescue caught on camera as police officers run into a home to save a woman.
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two newark police officers are being praised tonight for running into a burning home to save a woman who was inside, and it was all caught on the officer's body camera. >> that's the door right there. >> police say the officers
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rushed up to the second floor of the home and found a disoriented woman. with the help of two others, they carried the 55-year-old woman out of the home. the woman and another person in the house were taken to the hospital. the officer was hired back in may as a transfer from the san jose department, and the other police officer was in the military before being a police officer. a kitten stuck in a storm drain for a week. and more details on the scare about the refinery, and one official who is not happy with how the company is responding. later in the program, the giants sign a 3rd baseman with local ties. could he be sand value's replacement, and cal hoops, they are in action, and i will he is you a $600,000 sack looks like. it's all coming up in sports.
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the heavy rain pushed on, but a çfew spotty showers remaining at this hour. i will let you know what to expect for the weekend, coming up.
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new developments tonight on the flames and everything seen at the refinery. the preliminary report was
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released suggesting the flairing we can see in this video was actually due to blocked pipes and says chevron needed to reduce the pressure in an asphalting unit. this is the scene that frightened resident in the area. they said flaring is part of process. >> the most disappointing thing was when the refinery indicated that this was normal flaring, but çit doesn't. it was related to a unit that was well love the levels you normally seen. >> the county's hazmat team wants a report declaring what caused the flames. doe cent amount of rain out
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there today, especially in the north bay where the heavy rain lingered for a long time. ben has nearly 2-inches of rain. it was an inch and a quarter in san francisco, and less than an inch in richmond. the south facing area, nothing hardly .12 or less. the storm tracker for radar, we are seeing showers over the south bay and the coastline, but you can see the sat light and picture, it's spotty at best. issue p pushing through earlier heavens, and the spotty showers have been in the wake of that. we will continue to see the spotty showers for thefection couple of hours. really drier conditions right now a few light showers remain, but tomorrow a chance of snow to the north by a it looks like it's going to clip us, but just to the north bay and just with light rain. you can see it over santa rosa
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through 6:00. the later morning hours and the things north of us, near ukaia. we push to the afternoon, and the rain stacks out on the north bay coastline. showers just through the north bay, and a come of showers near the coastline, and nothing concrete as we head into the evening, and the rain will fizzle out. tomorrow, the north çbay, keep the umbrellas handy it will be cloudy. temperatures in the 50s for the most part to start the day tomorrow. upper 40s. mild. if you're going to head out the door, do it early to get the christmas shopping done. we will have mild conditions as well into the 60s. several degrees warmer than today. the sierra is still ongoing at this hour it will continue into tomorrow morning. dry sunday into monday, and your extended forecast, the north bay, there's showers p again tomorrow, but that's it.
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dry sunday, monday, and tuesday. there's a slight chance of rain wednesday of next week. i think it will stay well to the north of us. christmas eve is dry. christmas as welt, but christmas is on the cooler side. >> county officials say they feel good about the water levels. look at the russian area in hillsburg. it's running high and fast compared to this time last year the county reservoirs are about 675% full, and while they say the rain is putting a accident in the drought, they need more storms this winter before nay can say they are in the clear. >> i was really happy to see the rain fall. it's been great for the reservoirs, and what we want to do now, save it as much as possible. every drop we have gotten into the reservoirs, and so we are still asking people to make sure they shut off their
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irrigation. there's no reason to be irrigating. don't waste your water. >> if there was no more rain fall for the winter, sonoma would be in the same drought situation as they were last year. consumers should avoid prepackaged caramel apples. they have been linked to four veaths and two dozen illnesses in ten states. people are being sickened with an illness similar to list teary. they are trying to determine which brands are involved and how the caramel apples may have become infected. a cat has been rescued after spending 10 days in a storm drain. neighbors say they can't the cat was not washed away it survived three storms and a lot of running water. on thursday, a group of about 15 people managed to coax the cat back to the surface, and
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now the cat's rescuers are trying to find her original owners. >> we are going to scan her to see if she has a microchip. if not, we will get her the veterinarian care she needs. she survived how many storms in the storm drain? everyone said to name her storm, and i thought stormy was more fitting for her. >> reporter: rescuer state meantime, stormy is enjoying her new home. coming up, in sports, the giants have pablo sandoval's replacement and another piece of their starting rotation. the cal bears try to get off to the best start since the 1959- 1960 season. jason has all sports up next. you can watch an encore performance of our amazing holiday light special coming up this sunday at 7:00 p.m. we go to the holiday tree lightings and show you the neighborhoods that are all decked out for this season.
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all right, welcome back, everyone. the giants have a new 3rd baseman they hope will replace pablo sandoval. casey mcgee coming over. the giants are sending two minor league pitchers over to get him. he's not pablo sandoval, but
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he's local. mcgee grew up in santa cruz, hitting .287 last year, just 4 home runs, but he had 76 rbis, just more than the panda last year. the pitcher, jay pevey, he's coming back. agreeing to a 2 year, $24 million deal. pevey said he was considering other options. he started slow for the giants when he came over in july from boston, but lights out down the stretch before fading at the world series. he finished 6-4 with the ç.217 e.r.a. this jim harbaugh out of michigan story appears to have legs. harbaugh's family sen couraging him to take the job at michigan, but harbaugh himself
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is torn according to the report saying he wants to remain in the nfl. he may be leaking all of this to see which nfl job will be available sooner rather than later before michigan decides to go in a different direction. one thing all but certain, he will not serve out the fifth and final year of his contract with the niners. look at this. a $600,000 sack, and it happened last night when jackson kyl sent mark and white hertz. the stack gave him 8.5 for the season, activating a bonus in his contract, $600,000 bonus for picking up the 8.5 sacks. look at the johnny manziel money sign. he admitted it was intended for the general manager of the team. college oop hoops off --
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college hoops off to a great start for cal state. chris baron with the 16-2 run in the 1st half. tyrone a.m.s will, 3 pointer nor wallace. 21-3. martin and the bears now 10-1. their best start since 1959-1960 when pete newel hosted the team. we will see what's up with cal on monday. st. mary's at number 20, st. john's grew up against randy ben knelt of st. mary's, and it was 33-18 another the half. brad wall doe getting it on for the ç26-11 finish him. the red storm, they start the second half on the 27-8 run, and the gails only score in the
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2nd half. the warriors are back in action on monday night. great matchup. another triple overtime game for tim duncan and company. the nice move in overtime. 32 points, 10 rebounds for duncan, but dave yen. we off, 16 points in the 3 overtime periods. he basically won it for the blaze ores. the spurs lose their second triple overtime game in a row. it's the first time an nba tame played in back-to-back games since the bullets in 1951. we will leave you with this. cray thompson was down in palo alto w these young 6th graders for east side prep. he paid for the whole thing.
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furious george. >> slamming hollywood over sony assure reppedder. >> and the president fires back. >> we will respond. then, he is not a monster. >> the parents of the accused colorado movie shooter breaks their silence. and imagine having this land in your baby's crib. wrong family s.w.a.t. raid. >> they entered through this door. you can see the damage. then how this total stranger is getting a free trip around the world. all because her name is elizabeth gallagher. >> it is a little crazy. and world's worst dog? bad to the bone dog that nobody wanted until now.


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